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01.02.2012 | 15:27

New titles on BANG! RECORDS available now!

Three new fantastic titles from one of the export crew's favourite label - BANG! RECORDS - are ready to ship now:

Tex Perkins & the Dark Horses return now in 2011 with a new album since their acclaimed 2003 "sweet nothing". Featuring Charlie Owen (Beasts Of Bourbon, New Christs), Joel Silbersher (Hoss, God) and James Cruickshank (Cruel Sea) among others, Tex Perkins delivers another bunch of tracks full of dark country and high octane blues, intimate and delicate melodies which mean another further step in his solo career as night time balladeer.

CHROME CRANKS - "Ain´t no lies in blood" LP
NYC monsters of swamp-noise-blues are back with a brutal new album.
After 15 years, the classic line up of this already legendary NY band (featuring Peter Aaron, William Weber, Bob Bert and Jerry Teel) got together again in 2009 to launch their compilation album "The murder of time" and play live in NY and France. Then in 2010 they wrote new songs and got back in the studio to record this new piece of their brutal swamp-noise blues. Dirtier, louder and even angrier than their 90s recordings "Ain´t no lies in blood" delivers 9 full-on tracks where The Scientists meet The Stooges, all wrapped by the steamy pollution of New York City sound, creating this personal sound already exposed by the band back in the day.

THE YES-MEN - "Prosody" LP
The Yes-Men were the band led by Sean Greenway (God) and Stewart Cunningham (Leadfinger, Proton Energy Pills,Brother Brick, Asteroid B612, etc) in the late 90s in Australia. They recorded this master piece of high-energy Rock and Roll called "Prosody" where the Sonic Rendezvous Band meets the darkest and angriest New Christs. This magnificent album was released in 1999 on limited edition back in the day and it is now again in 2011 available remastered, on deluxe vinyl edition with
gatefold cover and thick vinyl, and including exclusive text from Jaime Gonzalo (Ruta 66 Mag. co-owner) and previously published pictures in a limited edition of 500 copies.
New titles on BANG! RECORDS available now!

During the following months BANG! Records will be releasing on vinyl, among other records:
- MONKEYWRENCH "Gabriel´s horn" LP
- SCIENTISTS "Rubber never sleeps" 2LP
- THE GUN CLUB "Pastoral hide & seek" LP
- BORED! "Junk" LP

More info: http://bang-records.ne

Watch out!

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German Rock Scene

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