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26.03.2021 | 12:45

ALAN VEGA Neuer Song „Fist“ aus verschollenem Album jetzt online.
„Mutator“ erscheint am 23. April 2021 bei Sacred Bones.

Letzten Monat kündigte das New Yorker-Label Sacred Bones überraschend die posthume Veröffentlichung „Mutator“ von ALAN VEGA an. Das bislang verschollene Album des verstorbenen SUICIDE-Frontmanns ist Mitte der 90er Jahre mit VEGAs Frau und langjähriger Partnerin in Crime Liz Lamere aufgenommen worden. Die Bänder des Albums wurden 2016 entdeckt und bilden nun den Auftakt für eine Reihe von Veröffentlichungen aus seinem Privatarchiv, dem sogenannten Vega-Vault, die in den nächsten Jahren bei Sacred Bones erscheinen werden.

Nach der ersten vielversprechenden Auskopplung „Nike Soldier“, teilt das Label jetzt mit dem pulsierenden „Fist“ einen weiteren Track aus dem Album.

Liz Lamere über den Track: „Fist’s relentless forward movement of the music coupled with Vega's battle cry lyrics makes it a powerful call for action to the people to muster their power, come together and Make One Nation. The message is timely, the impact timeless.”
ALAN VEGA Neuer Song „Fist“ aus verschollenem Album jetzt online.<br />„Mutator“ erscheint am 23. April 2021 bei Sacred Bones.

The visual artist, musician, and poet ALAN VEGA was born in Brooklyn in 1938. He co-founded the massively influential avant-garde band Suicide with Martin Rev in 1970, with whom he performed off and on throughout his life. Suicide’s debut album was included among Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, and it was a formative work in the invention of synth-punk, post-punk, art rock, industrial music, and more.

VEGA would go on to have a prolific career as a solo artist. His hit song “Jukebox Babe” led to a contract with Elektra Records, who released two albums including the cult classic Saturn Strip, produced by Ric Ocasek. From there, rejecting the commercial machine, he went back to his roots, doing a deep dive into experimenting with sound in the studio. This era resulted in new solo records coming out consistently throughout the next several decades; starting with Deuce Avenue, continuing through Dujang Prang (on Henry Rollins' 2.13.61 imprint), and culminating with his masterpiece It. VEGA considered the albums from this period the audio counterpoint to his visual art that reflected the world around him while simultaneously delving into universal themes. It makes his work as relevant today as it was then.

At the time of the Mutator sessions, VEGA was massively inspired by what was happening in the streets of New York — not only the hip hop scenes that were exploding throughout the outer boroughs, but also the literal sounds of the streets, the traffic noise and industrial ambience of city living. That influence trickled into the sounds he and Lamere captured in those sessions. That sensibility, paired with VEGA’s unmistakable voice and force of personality, is what made it the great album it is now. The final piece was the production job, completed by Lamere and Artaud 25 years after the songs were first captured.

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