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28.09.2021 | 10:52

BEACH FOSSILS Neues Album „The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads“ ab 19. November via Bayonet Video zur Lead-Single „This Year“ jetzt online

Mehr als vier Jahre nach dem Release ihres gefeierten letzten Albums „Somersault” ("Payseur’s most nuanced songs to date" Pitchfork) meldet sich die LoFi/Dreampop-Formation BEACH FOSSILS um den Sänger und Songwriter Dustin Payseur mit einem neuen musikalischen Lebenszeichen zurück! „The Other Side Of Life: Piano Ballads“ präsentiert die beliebtesten Songs der Band im jazzigen Klavierballaden-Gewand. Die Neuinterpretationen erscheinen am 19. November auf dem 2015 in Brooklyn gegründeten Label Bayonet Records, das von Payseur und seiner Frau Katie Garcia betrieben wird.

Das von Frontmann Dustin Payseur geleitete Projekt ist von seiner Liebe zu Künstlern wie Bill Evans, Lester Young, Chet Baker und Vince Guaraldi inspiriert. Mit einer Gruppe professionell ausgebildeter Jazzmusiker interpretiert Payseur einige seiner größten Hits aus dem Katalog der BEACH FOSSILS neu. Auch der ehemalige Schlagzeuger Tommy Gardner konnte für die Aufnahmesessions zurückgewonnen werden. Auf „The Other Side Of Life“ spielt Gardner Klavier, Saxofon und Kontrabass, während Henry Kwapis am Schlagzeug zu hören ist. Zusammen mit Payseurs melancholischem Gesang bildet sein dezentes Schlagzeugspiel den roten Faden zwischen den Originalversionen und den atemberaubenden Neuinterpretationen.

Passend zur Ankündigung erscheint heute außerdem noch das melancholische Video zur soeben veröffentlichten Lead-Single „This Year“ zu der Payseur noch folgendes Statement teilte: “A song by itself is naked, there are endless possibilities for how to dress a song and every choice creates a radically different outcome. Making this album let me step back and see these songs from a new perspective. I hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve done with them.”
BEACH FOSSILS Neues Album „The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads“ ab 19. November via Bayonet Video zur Lead-Single „This Year“ jetzt online

Formed in Brooklyn in 2009, BEACH FOSSILS helped carry the torch for the lo-fi dream-pop sound that emerged during that time alongside fellow Captured Tracks peers like Wild Nothing, DIIV and MacDemarco. Their 2010 self-titled debut album was met with rave reviews and their 2011 What a Pleasure became a cult classic amongst fans. They’d go on to put out two more critically acclaimed records, 2013’s Clash The Truth and 2017’s Somersault, which featured vocals from Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell and was deemed the band’s best work yet from Pitchfork, Paste, Skinny, All Music and more.
Their latest album Somersault included more complex instrumentation like piano, flute and sax, hinting for the first time at Payseur’s deep affection for jazz music. When listening to his favourite jazz artists, specifically their ballads, he says “the rest of the world melts away and I sink into a blissful haze.” While not obvious when soaking up BEACH FOSSILS’s jangly indie rock songs, jazz music has always influenced Payseur’s songwriting, as he remarks “I’ve regularly attempted to harness the feeling that I get while listening to jazz and pour it into my songs. There’s always been an element of jazz in Beach Fossils; chords are rarely played, instead the instruments typically play single-notes that come together to create chords. I think a lot of that comes from listening to jazz trios and quartets, hearing the way that the instruments weave in and out of each other, leaving space for each other, instruments coming up front for a bit while others wait.”

Payseur’s affinity for jazz was shared by Tommy Gardner who played drums on Clash The Truth. Payseur reminisces that whenever there was a piano in the green room whilst on tour, Gardner would start improvising BEACH FOSSILS songs in a jazzy style. “I was astounded by the amount of musical talent that he possessed. He would be playing melodies for the guitars, bass and vocals all together, and it was always beautiful. I couldn’t understand how the fuck he’d learned all of that just from sitting behind the drum kit every night. For years I had the idea of turning these piano versions of Beach Fossils songs into an album, and in 2020 when touring came to a sudden halt due to covid, I reached out to Gardner and asked if he wanted to finally make this album.” The result is a gorgeous, intoxicating collection of some of BEACH FOSSILS’ most beloved tunes, experienced through a totally fresh sonic lens.


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