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21.07.2021 | 12:08

COLLEEN GREEN teilt zweite Single „It’s Nice to Be Nice“
„Cool“ erscheint am 10. September bei Hardly Art

Nachdem COLLEEN GREEN mit der Lead-Single „I Wanna Be a Dog“ (“a catchy, funny and straightforwardly earnest song about … how nice it would be to be a dog.” - The New York Times) kürzlich ihr neues Studioalbum „Cool“ angekündigt hat, folgt heute mit „It's Nice To Be Nice“ der zweite Streich der US-Musikerin.

Für „Cool“ hat sich die Slacker-Pop-Königin aus Los Angeles, erstmals mit dem Produzenten Gordon Raphael (THE STROKES) zusammengetan. „Cool“ ist der Nachfolger ihres gefeierten Kultalbums „I Want To Grow Up“ aus dem Jahr 2015, das von Musikwebseiten wie Stereogum als „bubblegummy slacker-rock classic“ beschrieben wurde.

Das Video zur zweiten Single „It's Nice To Be Nice“ wurde auf einem Boot vor der Küste von Los Angeles gedreht und zeigt GREEN in ihrem Signature-Look (schwarze Lederjacke, Sonnenbrille). Auf hoher See, ganz ohne Firlefanz. Nur ein „schönes Video für einen schönen Song.“ Die Regie übernahm Renee Lusano. Dazu GREEN via Instagram: “This song is my 'You Get What You Give' by New Radicals except without the incongruous aggressive sentiment about kicking other rock stars' asses. The title though, the title's sentiment is right on. And I sustained a very painful sunburn to make this video for you so PLEASE WATCH!“
COLLEEN GREEN teilt zweite Single „It’s Nice to Be Nice“  <br />„Cool“ erscheint am 10. September bei Hardly Art

COLLEEN GREEN has always been cool, but on 2015’s I Want To Grow Up, she didn’t necessarily feel it. Too young to be free of insecurities but old enough to be sick of them running her life, GREEN was experiencing an existential crisis. Five years and a new album later, we find her parsing out what it means to begrown-up—and realizing that it’s actually pretty Cool.

Opener „Someone Else“ is a paean to power in which GREEN lets a lover know that double standards can go both ways. A groovy bass loop and zig-zagging guitar lines underscore her realization that happiness is in her own hands, and the vibe is set. Next up is the witty, catchy „I Wanna Be A Dog“ where GREEN celebrates the simplicity of a canine life and questions why she’s still overcomplicating her own. Dark and slinky „Highway“ uses ruthless driving as a metaphor for a lifestyle that no longer interests her.

Burnt out on bad feelings and ready to have fun with melodies and beats, GREEN enlisted producer Gordon Raphael (THE STROKES) to take her songs to higher ground while keeping her lo-fi aesthetic intact. Raphael was already a fan, having caught a show in L.A. and finding himself “struck by how confident and powerful she looked, even though she was the only one onstage.” He agreed to take the gig, and together with drummer Brendan Eder and hip hop producer Aqua over a few weeks in Los Angeles, Cool was created.

The album’s themes come together on the anthemic „It’s Nice to Be Nice,“ GREEN’s reminder to herself that you get what you give, so it’s important to try and be the best person you can—a hard-won but essential lesson in the emotional maturity that defines Cool.

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