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22.09.2021 | 15:27

HANA VU teilt One-Shot-Video zur dritten Single „Keeper”!
Debütalbum „Public Storage” erscheint am 5. November 2021

“Expansive, feral and direct” – The Sunday Times

“(Hana Vu) is crafting something truly unique” – NME

Die in Los Angeles lebende Newcomerin HANA VU veröffentlicht heute nach „Maker“ und „Everybody's Birthday“ mit „Keeper“ die neueste Single aus ihrem kommenden Album „Public Storage”. Erst kürzlich gab die 21-jährige DIY-Singer/Songwriterin ihr Signing beim ursprünglich auf House und Techno spezialisierten Label Ghostly International bekannt.

Das Album ist nach den öffentlichen Lagerräumen benannt, die VU zusammen mit ihrer Familie bei ihren zahlreichen Umzügen in der Vergangenheit nutzte. VU sieht in der Nutzung eine Parallele in der Art Songs zu schreiben und zu veröffentlichen (“these public expressions of thoughts, feelings, baggage, experiences that accumulate every year and fill little units such as ‘albums’”).

Ihr introspektiver, melodischer Bedroom-Pop wird weitgehend von VUs markanter Altstimme getragen und klingt auf Albumlänge so viel größer als aus dem Schlafzimmer, aus dem sie stammen. Das beweist VU auch eindrucksvoll auf ihrer soeben veröffentlichten dritten Single. „Keeper“ ist ein pulsierender New Wave-Song, vollgepackt mit verträumten Synthies, der von VUs cooler Erzählerinnenstimme begleitet wird.

Das dazugehörige Video, bei dem Meagen Houang Regie führte und für das Jas Lin die Choreographie übernahm, wurde in einer einzigen Einstellung auf 16-mm-Film gedreht. VU über den intensiven Dreh: “Shooting Keeper was really an intense experience. Since the video is all one shot, we only needed one day of shooting. We had a few choreography rehearsals leading in, and then on shoot day we rehearsed for like 9 hours and only shot in the last hour. The next day my whole body was in a knot. Maegan and Jas were so amazing to work with throughout the process I can't say enough...”
Regisseurin Meagen Houang fügt hinzu: “When I listened to ‘Keeper,’ I thought about how we’re all trapped by different societal expectations — whether it’s from work, family, friends or the devil inside ourselves. I wanted to make a video that expressed the feeling of not being seen when all you really want to do is explode. By shooting the video in a single take we never let the audience off the hook. Just like Hana, we’re trapped in a cycle of being constantly ignored. I set the film in a family environment because as viewers we usually associate families with a sense of security and safety. The family environment created a contrast to Hana’s bursting performance and underscored the pain of not being visible, even sometimes by your own relatives.”
HANA VU teilt One-Shot-Video zur dritten Single „Keeper”!<br />Debütalbum „Public Storage” erscheint am 5. November 2021

HANA VU’s relationship with music began at ten when she taught herself to play guitar. She’d wake up every day and listen to LA’s ALT 98.7, home to ‘90s and ‘00s alternative rock; later in high school, she found the local DIY scene. She remembers, “A lot of my peer musicians were surf rock/punk type bands and so I tried to fit into that when I was gigging around. But what I was listening to at that time (ST. VINCENT, SUFJAN STEVENS) was very different from what I performed.” Ultimately she’d do her own thing, keeping a journal of bedroom pop experiments on Bandcamp, including a low-key Willow Smith collaboration and covers of THE CURE and PHIL COLLINS, before catching the ear of Gorilla vs. Bear’s Luminelle Recordings imprint, who eventually released two EPs.

„Public Storage” builds on the sound of this earlier work. It underscores her strengths as a songwriter with a deeper sense of lustre, sophistication, and urgency. She calls it “very invasive and intense sounding music,” refreshingly out of step with contemporary trends; this is music to engage with rather than lean back to. For the first time, she welcomes a co-producer, Jackson Phillips (DAY WAVE), who helps VU create a vast, grainy, multifaceted world to stretch into vocally, her distinct contralto drifting freely between evocative low-lit ruminations and soulful, skyward bursts. Sonics shift from disco synth to pulsating new wave to muscular guitar.

“I am not religious, but when writing these songs I imagined a sort of desolate character crying out to an ultimately punitive force for something more,” explains VU, who prefers abstractly personal over directly autobiographical lyrics. In finding something lost along the way in too many shuffles from place to place, VU finds a tarnished token of solace across „Public Storage”.

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