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08.11.2022 | 15:36

H.C. MCENTIRE kündigt neues Album für 2023 an! /// „Every Acre“ erscheint am 27.01.2023 via Merge Records /// Zweite Single „Dovetail“ jetzt online!

Heute kündigt die queere Country-Sängerin H.C. MCENTIRE mit „Every Acre“ ihr drittes Album für Merge Records an, das im Januar 2023 erscheinen wird. Mit ihrer rauen, aber auch gefühlvollen Stimme macht sich H.C. MCENTIRE zunächst als Frontfrau von Mount Moriah und später als Backgroundsängerin in der Live-Band von Angel Olsen einen Namen, bevor sie selbst mit ihrem Solo-Debütalbum „Lionheart“ 2018 durchstartete. Das von H.C. MCENTIRE, Missy Thangs und Luke Norton co-produzierte Album enthält neun ergreifende neue Songs, darunter zwei Stücke mit Backgroundgesang von S.G. Goodman und Amy Ray. Ihr reflektiertes Storytelling verwischt dabei wie eh und je, die Grenze zwischen Musik und Poesie. Zusammen mit der Ankündigung, stellt H.C. MCENTIRE außerdem ihre neue Single „Dovetail“ vor, in der verschiedene Frauen mit ihren unterschiedlichen Gaben und Traumata beschrieben werden.

H.C. MCENTIRE über den Track: “‘Dovetail’ began as a jangly, four-on-the-floor country demo I roughly recorded at home. In the studio, the band and I leaned into the twang and outlaw attitude, recorded it, and moved on to work on other songs. But something kept calling us back to reimagine this song, to look at it from a different angle. One night after a long day of tracking, Luke started playing the ‘Dovetail’ chord progression on piano, but much more slowly. Daniel jumped behind the drums and played a simple halftime beat while I stood next to the piano and sang out into the room. We quickly recorded about a minute of the experiment onto a cell phone and went to bed. The next morning, we referenced the recording and tracked a full-band version of the song in that style—essentially, it took the form of a ballad.”

“This ‘classic’ arrangement offered space for a more nuanced vocal delivery; the slower pace allowed vocal lines to stretch and stand tall with emotion. The less-is-more approach created a vulnerability that felt right and also applied intention—to clearly speak, suspend, and spill out the narrative. Throughout verses, I posed the personalities of various women in juxtaposition—a way to both celebrate differences and individuation, as well as acknowledge the complexities of being in relation with a range of traumas, including my own. The pre-chorus and chorus lyrics nod to a problematic dynamic that can occur when presumptions are made about an Artist solely based on the social consumption and/or interpretations of their Art—romanticism versus reality.”
H.C. MCENTIRE kündigt neues Album für 2023 an! /// „Every Acre“ erscheint am 27.01.2023 via Merge Records /// Zweite Single „Dovetail“ jetzt online!<br />

Raised in the Blue Ridge foothills of rural Appalachia before earning her B.F.A. in Creative Writing, H.C. MCENTIRE delivers deeply reflective country storytelling that straddles the line between music and poetry. With lilting melodies and lush harmonies, „Every Acre“ explores the acres of our physical and emotional homes. She grapples with themes of grief, loss and links to land and loved ones with an unwavering honesty, as existential concepts of claiming land, claiming self, and being claimed by ancestry and heritage permeate the hauntingly beautiful landscape of this poignant collection of songs. The striking debut single „Soft Crook” offers an unfiltered reflection of navigating depression.
H.C. MCENTIRE first established a reputation for her raw, soulful voice as frontwoman of Mount Moriah and later as a backup singer in Angel Olsen’s band, before striking out on her own with her debut solo album „Lionheart“ in 2018. That release, along with 2020’s follow-up „Eno Axis“, garnered widespread acclaim from press. Pitchfork praised her “searing voice and imagistic songwriting,” and Flood declared, “McEntire’s vocals have topsoil grit while being soaring and formidable.”

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