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FORTH WANDERERS verstärken die intensive Stimmung ihrer früheren Veröffentlichungen zu massiven Hymnen.

Auf der selbstbetitelten Platte sind unter anderem die erste Single Not for Me, Nevermine und Ages Ago beispielhaft zu nennen.

Ben Guterl und Duke Greenes Gitarren klangen noch nie so ausgefeilt, Noah Schifrins und Zach Lorellis Rhythmik ist unruhig und Ava Trilling wirkt selbstbewusster denn je.

,We have embraced our roles in the collaboration process", sagt Guterl. ,Everyone's gotten better at their instruments and we trust each other more because we know how the machine works." Dieses Gefühl zieht sich durch ,Forth Wanderers" und führt zu überschwänglichen, tiefgründigen Songs, die von eng verbundenen Melodien und einer Liebe zum Detail angetrieben werden.

Produziert und aufgenommen wurde das zweite Album der FORTH WANDERERS aus Montclair / New Jersey über 5 Tage hinweg im Sommer 2017 von Cameron Konner in Philadelphia.[ENG] Forth Wanderers employ a tin-can-telephone style of composition which they use even when living in the same area code.

Since first collaborating in 2013 as Montclair, New Jersey high schoolers, guitarist and songwriter Ben Guterl and vocalist Ava Trilling have passed songs back and forth like pen pals.

Guterl will devise an instrumental skeleton before sending it to vocalist Ava Trilling who pens the lyrics based off the melody.

The duo then gather alongside guitarist Duke Greene, bassist Noah Schifrin, and drummer Zach Lorelli to expand upon the demo.

It's a patient and practiced writing system that has carried the quintet through two EPs (2013's Mahogany and 2016's Slop) and one LP (2014's Tough Love).

Forth Wanderers, the group's sophomore record and Sub Pop debut, is the groups' most comprehensive and assured statement yet.

Now living in Ohio and New York respectively, Guterl and Trilling have evolved their separate but collaborative writing process.

"The only way I can really write is by myself in my room with a notebook, listening to the song over and over again," Trilling says.

"I've never sat down to write a story, I write the song as it unfolds." Since her lyrics are often embedded with intimate truths from her life, the private writing experience often leads to intense self-reflection.

On Forth Wanderers these introspections include meditations on relationships, discovery, and finding oneself adrift.

Despite the inherent heaviness of those themes, Forth Wanderers feels joyous, a rock record bursting with heart.

Take "Not for Me," a romping track about "the ambivalence of love." Trilling's confession of "I can't feel the earth beneath my feet/Flowers bloom but not for me" resists feeling like a dreary, pitying complaint; instead, as her bandmates bolster her melancholy with interlocking harmonic intricacies, she soars with self-actualization.

Opener "Nevermine," is a surge of confidence inspired by an ex-lover who is still captivated by her image.

"I don't think I know who you are anymore/And I think I knew who I was before," she jabs with relish.

On "Ages Ago" Trilling paints the image of a constantly-shifting enigmatic lover. "I wasn't sure who they were, they changed constantly (hence the metaphor describing the "grey coat" and cutting their hair just to "stay afloat")," she says.

"I wasn't going to wait any longer to find out." Recorded over five days by friend and audio engineer Cameron Konner at his Philadelphia home studio, Forth Wanderers amplifies the heartfelt sentiments of their earlier works into massive anthems.

Guterl and Greene's guitars have never sounded sharper, Schifrin and Lorelli's terse rhythm section is restless, and Trilling sounds more self-assured than ever.

These are exuberant, profound songs driven by tightly bound melodies and a loving attention to detail.
  • Tracklisting
  • 1.1. NEVERMINE
  • 1.2. COMPANY
  • 1.3. AGES AGO
  • 1.4. TASTE
  • 1.5. NOT FOR ME
  • 1.6. BE MY BABY
  • 1.7. NEW FACE
  • 1.8. SAUNTER
  • 1.9. TIRED GAMES
  • 1.10. TEMPORARY