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24.05.2022 | 12:36

KIWI JR. Kanadisches Indie-Quartett kündigt neues Album an!
„Chopper“ erscheint am 12. August 2022 bei Sub Pop
Video zur Lead-Single „Night Vision“ jetzt online!

Das Indierock-Quartett KIWI JR. aus Toronto ist wieder zurück! Die Kanadier kündigten gestern mit „Chopper“ ihr drittes Album an, das am 12. August über Sub Pop erscheint. Produziert wurde der „Cooler Returns“-Nachfolger aus dem Jahr 2021 von WOLF PARADE-Mitbegründer und aktuellem ARCADE FIRE-Mitglied Dan Boeckner, der hier für die Band in den Pilotensitz stieg. Auf „Chopper“ schlagen KIWI JR. einen dunkleren Sound als auf ihren vorherigen beiden Alben an.

So lässt die Bio zum Album verlauten: „This album is decidedly (yet almost secretly) anti-patio-sunscreen-Beach Boys bachelor cruise sing-a-long. Sure, these songs let a little light through the blinds, but they sting insomnia, corrupt mayors, Kennedy Curses, sex tapes, and deer rifles. Chopper is the bird's eye view of the big event - a real nighttime character of oil stain, film grain, search light, night flight. It is muscular and fragile; loud yet quiet: both an observer and somehow the observed spectacle itself.”

Passend zur Ankündigung veröffentlichen KIWI JR. vorab auch gleich mit „Night Vision“ die erste an Post-Punk angelehnte Single, zu der es auch ein Musikvideo von Laura-Lynn Petrick gibt.

Frontmann Jeremy Gaudet kommentiert: „Before ‘Night Vision’ was 100% written, just the basic idea of it existing as a Kiwi Jr. song inspired us and set the tone for the record. A lot of the images in the lyrics are of teenagers driving around, trying to make plans, sharing the aux, putting their parents’ car in the ditch, etc. But the idea at the center of the song is that of working up the nerve to make a big decision. Like a boxer getting pumped up before a fight.”
KIWI JR. Kanadisches Indie-Quartett kündigt neues Album an!<br />„Chopper“ erscheint am 12. August 2022 bei Sub Pop<br />Video zur Lead-Single „Night Vision“ jetzt online!

Smash cut to KIWI JR.’s third album, „Chopper“, overseen by trusted pilot Dan Boeckner (WOLF PARADE, ARCADE FIRE, HANDSOME FURS) on storied Sub Pop Records. Turning nocturnal with necks mock turtle, our Local KIWI JR. takes neon flight off the digital cliff - like The Monkees starring in Blade Runner; like Michael Mann directs Encino Man. Ten songs with synth shimmer, zen gongs with yard strimmer. The signs along the highway read “LESS BAR, MORE NOIR AHEAD.” Ah, those late summer, Joe Strummer, Home on the Range Rover Blues.

There's a melancholy to all forms of flight, and the view out the „Chopper“ is as hazy as it gets: mission-oriented, both stealth and self-realized. What was slack in the slacker phase, got tauter, with lacquer glaze. Slick gloss, rightened wrongs; murdered boss, promoted pawns. With Boeckner transmitting high-voltage shocks upon every reach for a familiar instrument, KIWI JR. expands the palette with string machine song, synthesizered oblong, and Dentyne Classic Menthol vocals from area soprano Dorothea Paas (US GIRLS, BADGE EPOCH ENSEMBLE) like the missing piece all along.

KIWI JR. brings the „Chopper“ to a new space, demilitarizing the technology just like flasks, aviators, and cargo shorts. Graceful in the air above, but when the „Chopper“ lands, there's chaos on the ground. KIWI JR. shout, “Look Out!” When it gets close, it'll blow the hat right off of your head.

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