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24.05.2022 | 12:14

NAIMA BOCK Single/Video zu „Toll“ out now
Debüt „Giant Palm“ ab 1. Juli 2022 via Sub Pop!

“There’s a bit of ’70s Brian Eno in her vocal delivery and an echo of John Cale in her arrangements, but the fusion of her disparate cultural influences makes for an enchanting sound entirely Bock’s own.” [„Giant Palm“] - New York Times

Erst letzten Monat konnte man die in London lebende Musikerin NAIMA BOCK im Vorprogramm von RODRIGO AMARANTE hierzulande bewundern, jetzt meldet sich die ehemalige GOAT GIRL-Bassistin mit einem weiteren Vorboten aus ihrem kommenden Debütalbum „Giant Palm“ zurück, das am 1. Juli 2022 über Sub Pop Records erscheint.

Nach den bereits veröffentlichten Singles „Every Morning“ und dem Titeltrack „Giant Palm“ ist „Toll“ die bereits dritte Veröffentlichung aus NAIMAs Debüt, das zweifellos von der brasilianischen Musik ihrer Jugend beeinflusst ist. Geboren in Glastonbury als Tochter eines brasilianischen Vaters und einer griechischen Mutter, verbrachte NAIMA ihre frühe Kindheit in Brasilien, bevor sie schließlich nach England bzw. in den Südosten Londons zurückkehrte.

NAIMA über den Track: “'Toll' was originally composed as a song to hold hands with decay and death. Recording alongside Joel Burton who arranged the violin and woodwind parts brought the song to life and allowed for space and freedom within it, while Alex Mckenzie’s flute solo beautifully introduces us into its world. My drummer Cassidy Hansen wrote and directed the video, magically closing the circle.”
NAIMA BOCK Single/Video zu „Toll“ out now <br />Debüt „Giant Palm“ ab 1. Juli 2022 via Sub Pop!

NAIMA’s debut album „Giant Palm“ is undoubtedly infused with the Brazilian music of her youth and regular family visits. By the age of 15 NAIMA was embedded in the music scene of South-East London, slotting into a group of like-minded friends writing and playing music. This led to the creation of GOAT GIRL, the band she toured the world with playing bass and singing alongside her school friends. After six years, NAIMA decided to leave GOAT GIRL to try something new. In the intervening years she set up a gardening company and started a degree at University College London in archeology because, as she jokes, “I liked being near the ground”.

NAIMA loves the collective voice of traditionals that belong to everyone. She’s recently found a home for this passion in her role in the ever-shifting line-up of South-London folk collective Broadside Hacks, but it’s long been a way for her to explore her own artistry. She learned to play guitar and violin through these songs, but she also found her voice in them. “All the other representations that I’d had of singing felt so unattainable” she recalls, but in folk music she found that singing can take on so many forms without the need to exactly replicate something. Here, qualities that make her voice unique were able to flourish. This is present all through her music, as well as a feeling of community and the sharing of ideas.

Written over the space of years, each of NAIMA’s songs represents a snapshot of a specific feeling, of brief moments in NAIMA’s life that make up a larger whole. “I never change lyrics” she says, “even if I don’t relate to them anymore, I related to them once which means someone else could, somewhere”. Whether that’s in the playful humour of „Campervan“, the peaceful exhale of „Giant Palm“ or in the darker moments like in the stark, self-critical honesty of „Every Morning“, whatever the form it’s always laid bare.

There’s also a feeling of clarity to the songs, which NAIMA largely credits to the fact that many of them were written while walking. She finds inspiration in the meditative and revealing nature of long walks with a fixed but far-off destination. “There’s a stripping away that takes place”, she says, the slowing of thoughts by the rhythm of walking is often to thank for the sharp focus of her lyrics. Be that during a period of three years where she would return to Spanish pilgrimage network Camino de Santiago for weeks at a time, or simple hours spent in the English countryside.

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