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24.08.2021 | 16:26

SHANNON LAY teilt neue Single „A Thread To Find“ samt Video
Soloalbum „Geist“ erscheint am 8. Oktober 2021 via Sub Pop

Nach der berührenden Akustikballade „Rare To Wake“ (Best New Track auf Pitchfork) und der nicht minder schönen Doppel-Single „Awaken and Allow“ und „Geist“, teilt SHANNON LAY heute mit „A Thread To Find“ einen weiteren Song aus ihrem im Herbst erscheinenden neuen Soloalbum, das die in Los Angeles lebende Sängerin auf der ganzen Höhe ihres songwriterischen Könnens zeigt.

LAY schrieb „A Thread To Find“ nach einem Aufenthalt in einem alten Schweizer Hotel, in dem sie das Gefühl überbekam, schon einmal dort gewesen zu sein. Für LAY ein Zeugnis für die Energie, die wir zurücklassen und über die wir jederzeit stolpern können. Sie kommentiert den Song wie folgt: „”A Thread to Find” is about finding pieces of yourself in unfamiliar places. It is about watching the people around you grow and evolve and admiring the chaos and the beauty of discovering new worlds within ourselves. It is recognizing the courage and strength in each other even in the face of great challenge. And it is a reminder for when you get lonely on your journey that we are in this together. You’re on your own but not alone.“

Die Kalifornierin kündigt außerdem eine UK & EU-Tour an, die sie auch für zwei Termine nach Deutschland führen wird.

8. November - Hamburg, DE (Aalhaus)
9. November - Berlin, DE (Monarch)
11. November - Utrecht, NL (Le Guess Who?-Festival)
Interviews möglich!
SHANNON LAY teilt neue Single „A Thread To Find“ samt Video  <br />Soloalbum „Geist“ erscheint am 8. Oktober 2021 via Sub Pop

Geist feels like a window - or a mirror - into possibilities of the self and beyond. SHANNON LAY’s new album is tender intensity, placeless and ethereal. It exists in the chasms of the present -- a world populated by shadow selves, spiritual awakenings, déjà vu, and past lives.

“Something sleeps inside us,” LAY insists on the opening track, and that’s the guiding philosophy throughout. A winding, golden, delicate thread of intuition that explores the unknown, the possibility. As a whole, Geist is both esoteric and accessible. Its title, Geist, the German word for spirit, is rife with an otherworldly presence, the suggestion of another. The promise that you are never alone.

LAY tracked vocals and guitar at Jarvis Tavinere of Woods’s studio, then sent the songs out to multi-instrumentalists Ben Boye (Bonnie Prince Billy, Ty Segall) in Los Angeles and Devin Hoff (Sharon Van Etten, Cibo Matto) in New York; trusting their musical instincts and intuition. She then sent those recordings to Sofia Arreguin (Wand) and Aaron Otheim (Heatwarmer, Mega Bog) for additional keys, while Ty Segall contributed a guitar solo on “Shores.”

"It’s impossible to overstate just how beautiful the song is, Lay’s voice woven into transcendent harmonies as her patient but insistent acoustic guitar loops itself into a kind of instrumental mantra. Glistening keys and handclaps play around the edges, shading in new colors without ever disturbing the serenity of repetition. If this is what change sounds like, it’s easy to look forward to whatever’s next on the horizon for Lay."
[“Rare To Wake"] - Stereogum

"Geist already feels like a special record, emerging from a global struggle with something rich and optimistic, a reminder of the power of creativity and our ability to adapt."
[“Awaken and Allow”/”Geist”] - For The Rabbits

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