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I have a record store/mailorder/shop and would love to sell Cargo’s catalogue in my country. What do I have to do?
First of all: thank you for your interest. We salute everyone who is still selling actual records. All you have to do is send an e-mail to info@cargo-records.de and we will get in touch with you. Please also note that due to contractual restrictions not all of Cargo’s catalogue will be available in your country. Once you are registered with Cargo you will be able to use our very own eXtranet that allows you order any time of day and night, check invoices and packing slips, track your order and much more online.

I have stumbled across you site on the internet and like what I see. What do I have to do to order records for my private use?
Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out our catalogue! Unfortunately however, Cargo only works with a predefined network of record shops, mailorders and chain stores and we are not interested in stealing their customers. Chances are your local record store sells our product – go check it out. If you insist on doing your shopping online and like vinyl, surf over to www.finestvinyl.de – the site sells our entire vinyl catalogue and ships to most European countries.

I have a label and am looking for distribution in Europe. What do I have to do to join Cargo’s roster?
We like labels. Maybe we even like them a little too much because we insist on representing them to the best of our powers. That’s why we discuss each new label in detail. Each label has to convince us that they are 100% into what they are doing and are willing to really work with us. And in the end we have to like the music. You are welcome to send us links and promos but – please! - only if you feel you really meet our requirements. Be aware that only very few of the labels who come to us via that road really become part of our roster. Enter at your own risk!

My band and I have just recorded an awesome demo/a fantastic album/a groundbreaking Split 7“. What do we have to do to distribute our release via Cargo?
Yes, we listen to music. We like bands. We even go and see bands live. However, Cargo Records is no label; we merely represent the commercial interests of various labels. The labels take care of their individual artists/bands. That’s why it is no use sending us your demos. They only gather dust on a shelf in the reception area. It’s a better idea to spend your time and postage on finding a label. Some bands even manage a career without label or distribution. Maybe your band is that band. Labels left, right and centre will woo you. And – who knows? – one day our paths might cross here at Cargo. Because we distribute your label. Simple, right?
And no, chances won’t be any better if your band spontaneously founds a label. Sorry.

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